The Old House
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House front 1926

Camp Mt.

Front view 2014
rear view 2008
Fireplace Living Room Mantle
Living room Living Room
Stairway Stairway
Entry Hall Entry Hall
Dining Room Dining Room

  In 1910, a couple from New York City bought property near Wurtsboro with the idea of making it a summer girls camp.  My house was built in 1911 from a recycled barn frame on a new concrete foundation.  A second house was built next door in 1913.  This camp lasted until the early 50's.
  By the time I purchased it in 2003, it had long been converted into a year around house but not much had been done for improvements. I spent five years in my spare time completely renovating the house and giving it the classical styling.
The garage was added in 2011-2012 and the house roof upgraded in 2014.