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 Back in the late 1990's, I managed to find a few antique instruments at yard sales.  I played the trumpet for years and also love antiques so this led to a search for more.  Ebay did me in and now I have about 20 brass instruments, mostly from the late 1800's. I love buying an old wreck and restoring it back to playing condition. I also love history so if you are trying to research an instrument you have, check out the maker histories that I have assembled.
  There is so much out there, I decided to concentrate in just a certain area, and the rare Leland horn in particular.  These are beautifully engraved and play well compared to others from that era. I show all of them here as well as a few others that are unusual or special in some way.
  If you are a musician in the Pine Bush, NY area I invite you to check out the link on the left and join us at the next rehersal.