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The Glen Station Agent Shot at - 1912

  From a 1912 newspaper article:

  "Having been shot at three times during the past three weeks by some person in ambush, Hollis I. Loveland, postmaster and D&H station agent at The Glen, has been forced to the conclusion that some unknown enemy, for some unknown reason, desires to remove him from the scene of his earthly activities.
  "The first attempt on his life was made about three weeks ago, about 8:30 o'clock one evening, when a shot was fired at the Loveland home, passing through the window dangerously close to Mrs. Loveland and lodging in the ceiling.  Thoiugh the direction taken by the bullet seemed to preclude the idea that it was a stray bullet, Mr. Loveland preferred to believe that it was such and paid no attention to it.
  "Monday evening, while going to his home Mr. Loveland was fired upon again, and later while he was sitting near a window in his home a sharp report sounded and another bullet whizzed by his head and with a spiteful spat buried itself in the wall.  An investigation has now been started to discover the identity of the would-be assassin.
  "Mr. Loveland is at a loss where to place his suspicion as he knows of no person who for any reason that he can imagine, could harbor such a grudge against him as to desire his death.  His friends are indignant and will make a united effort to apprehend the cowardly miscreant."