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c.1910 Section Crew at The Dugway

Section Crew

Photo from Johnsburg Historical Society

  This great old photo is of the section crew at a place called The Dugway, located between The Glen and Riverside.  It was just south of the Mill Creek bridge.  The little shanty was built by the D&H in about 1908 for Elmer Harrington, a local farmer who kept watch on this section for many years.  He used a three wheeled hand pump car and later a gas powered one.
  This area was prone to washouts and the D&H eventually brought in some marble in 1926 to help solve the problem. Elmer worked at this post for 47 years, retiring in 1937. He also worked at a garnet mine nearby.
  The men in the photo from the left are Elmer Harrington, Henry Wakeley, Will Galusha, Rob Galusha, Edgar Morey (sitting), Forest (Duffy) Liddle and Byron Aldrich (section foreman).
  The picture below is from 1918.  Probably two men from the same crew above.  I'm not sure how the bicycle got there as there wasn't any road to the shanty.  Perhaps on the road near Mill Creek.  As you can see here, the little shanty was squeezed between the tracks and the Hudson River.

Walt Favro Collection