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Delaware & Hudson Railway Locomotive

Number: 370
Type: 4-4-0

1902 (see story below)

Loco #370

The story behind this photo comes from the Warrensburg News in 1902.

  "One of the engines on the Adirondack Railway created considerable excitement Saturday night along the line of the road from North Creek to Thurman Station.  It ran wild between these two joints with a sheet of flame trailing fiercely behind.  The engine had been run into the round house at North Creek for the night.  About 12 o'clock Gilbert Dean, the watchman, discovered that the woodwork of the locomotive was on fire.  He mounted the cab steps, turned on the steam and ran the engine out into the open air.  The fire by this time had become so hot that he was compelled to jump but supposed he closed the throttle before doing so.  But instead of stopping, the engine ran wild down the line below Thurman Station [over 20 miles] before dying.  It was found Sunday near Cameron flats with all the woodwork burned.  The fire is supposed to have started from a combustion of gas from soft coal used."